Bad Moon Rising

what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

— Charles Bukowski (via feellng)

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But I’m a man after all and I have desires. It’s not my fault if I don’t feel the emotional connection that the other person feels. Does that mean that I have to be alone forever, until I do feel True Love? No. I have to learn, but so do women. Learn not to expect the impossible. Or to stay away. Or to say ‘no’

With ‘Bright Lights,’ I wanted to sound alienated, to imply tension and desperation, by sinking my vocals into the mix and shouting them. This time, the songs are more expressive and less hopeless. I want the compelling aspect to be the melody, not the drama of the delivery.

—Paul Banks, talking about Antics (via obstaclespecialist)

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You are not hard to love.
Say it to yourself, out loud.
You are not hard to love.

You are poetry in motion,
you are every metaphor that I could only grasp the edge of,
the thing that is so beautiful that it can’t be written.

You are fluid,
capable of such softness
but with the strength and persistence to wear away mountains.

You are magic,
charming in your clumsiness,
your willingness to fall in life and love takes great courage.

You are intoxicating,
one taste of your skin makes the world softer, warmer,
find someone who wants to get drunk off of you.

You are passion embodied,
let them see this,
do not hide how you feel for people who let the world make them hard.

You are more than enough,
deserving of someone who wants to look at you through a telescope
so that they can see every galaxy within your eyes.

You are not hard to love.
Do not let anyone convince you of this.
You are not hard to love.