Bad Moon Rising

Favourite Bands in no particular order:

I. THE SMITHS: [1982~1987]

If I had to explain why The Smiths are the most amazing thing in the world it’s because they reach into the part of you where you feel the most weak, vulnerable and unacceptable and glorify it, make it heroic.  With me it’s beyond just having a favourite band" -Russell Brand

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9 of the 18 redeveloped photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain’s death. 

I was going to post these after release, but what better day to post than the 20th anniversary of his actual suicide? 

The photos include the content of his pockets, his suicide note, heroin kit, wallet/license, 2 photos of actual body parts after death. 

Such a legend, what a fucking shame. 

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana front man. (Feb. 20th, 1967 - Apr. 5th, 1994)

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